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        Molds for mold which forms the template?
        發布時間:2014-5-21 10:14:55
        Mold, which is a very common and common tools, in particular in the mechanical industry. Also, mold development today, the country has formed a certain scale and climate, and to derive the various aspects, like on mold, it also introduces a number of articles on the site, presumably everyone is already very familiar with. Today small but also commonplace, as the following content or with mold-related.
        For continuous mold in terms of its main template, a total of three forms for the entire ceremony, yoke-style and set in type, following on to briefly explain.
        1 piece style
        It is also one of the stereotype, and therefore, if the shape of a closed process. It is the processing, the cutting is based, and does not require heat treatment, but after the heat treatment, the template should discharge machining or grinding.
        2 Yoke
        Advantages yoke style template is: groove easily processed, high precision, rigidity, but not very good, which is its biggest drawback, so pay attention.
        At design time, we also need to pay attention to some matters here is not specifically described in detail, it will be explained later.
        3-in inserts
        This template has a cumulative process tolerances, and high rigidity, in addition to its processing accuracy, less adjustments, and easy to be machined. In general, it is a precision machine tool to decide. However, it also has drawbacks, the most important is the need for high-precision machining cavities. In addition, the design is also important to note a few things in order to avoid problems.

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